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Pauline Thio – “A secondment with Svalner is a great opportunity”

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Hi, Pauline, you are doing a secondment with Svalner. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background?

Pauline: My name is Pauline Thio and I’m from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2021, I’m part of the transfer pricing team of Atlas Tax Lawyers.
As part of the transfer pricing team, I’m involved in a wide range of transfer pricing aspects, such as structuring, documentation and implementation.

Svalner: Why did you want to do a secondment?

Pauline: A secondment is a great opportunity to work together with new colleagues on different clients and projects, and thus gain experience. Furthermore, a secondment gave me the chance to live in another city for a while.

Svalner: Why did you choose Svalner?

Pauline: Before I got the opportunity to do the secondment, I already met a couple of people from Svalner. Other colleagues from Atlas were positive about the people from Svalner and their work as well. Therefore, the choice to do a secondment at Svalner was easily made.

Svalner: You are soon leaving Sweden after have been living in Stockholm since the April, what is your impression of the city?

Pauline: Amazing! I really like the city for its architecture, museums, and restaurants. Also, the surrounding islands and nature are beautiful. Now that the weather is getting better and the sun is shining, I enjoy Stockholm even more. I will really miss Sweden and Svalner.